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Our Culture

As you often hear us say, at Heritage Bank, we're more than just a bank. We're your neighbors.

And in each of the varied communities we serve in this region, we make every attempt to bear out that philosophy with our commitment to volunteer efforts, local charitable projects and civic programs which seek to improve the local community and to enhance the neighborhoods where we live and work. It's important to each of us at Heritage Bank that we are a viable part of the communities we serve and that we make both personal and financial commitments to the wonderful work that is done on behalf of those who reside in each of our banking center markets.

From the Boy Scouts to the local Chambers of Commerce to Home Shows and Heart Walks, the banks which make up the Heritage Bank family take their civic responsibilities as seriously as they do the provision of professional financial services. The people of Heritage Bank are neighbors helping neighbors by making Halloween safe, or serving as a Big Brother or Big Sister, or working on local Planning Commissions to encourage community growth or supporting Crime Stoppers to keep communities safe. The list goes on and on.

Helping is a part of the heritage of HopFed Bancorp, Inc. And it's not just a part of our past. It's a part of our future as well.