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Online Security: Spot Phishing

How to Identify a Phishing Campaign

1. Who is the email from?

Phishing emails can look they are from a real bank email address. Unfortunately, Internet technology makes it very simple for phishers to make it look like an email came from a legitimate bank.

The email address that appears in the "From" field of an email is NOT a guarantee that it came from that person or institution or that they were sent from the bank's email systems.

2. Who is the email for?

The emails are delivered randomly to bulk email lists and they will most likely not know your real name or anything else about you. It will be addressed vaguely in terms such as "Dear Valued Member" or "Dear Valued Customer".

3. Take a look at the email - does it phishy?

The first thing to keep in mind, is that a bank will never write to request your password or other sensitive information via email. It may also contain odd spellings or capitalization in the "Subject" line as well as grammatical and spelling errors.

Never log-on to your online banking account by clicking on a link in an email. Open your web browse and type the bank's address in yourself. It is easy for fraudsters to copy corporate or government logos into fake emails. If you have any doubt about the validity of an email, contact your bank using an advertised phone number.


Reporting Suspicious Emails

  • If you receive a suspicious email, please inform Heritage Bank by please calling 1.866.749.2265 or emailing Heritage Bank.


  • Banks will never email you to request that you "confirm" or "update" your password or any personal information by clicking on a link and visiting a website.
  • Treat all unsolicited emails with caution and never click on links from such emails and enter any personal information.
  • To log-on to Internet banking, open your web browser and type the address in yourself.
  • If in doubt about the validity of an email, or if you think that you may have disclosed information to a fraudulent site, contact Heritage Bank immediately at 1.866.749.2255.